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"For We are the Great Swordwrath! Using our almighty blades, we cut down our enemies by the dozens!" By Anyomous User

Info Edit

The Great Swordwrath are heavily armored Swordwrath wielding Giant swords with magnificent attack strength. The Great Swordwrath are the envy of the Swordwrath and Shadowrath. Refusing to ever back down from a battle the Great Swordwrath charge and laugh in the face of danger.

Stats Edit

Name Great Swordwrath Faction Order Empire
Health 5 bars (6 Bars with Giga Armor I

7 Bars with Giga Armor II

Attack Very High (Higher if used


Abilities Giga Armor I, Giga Armor II, Sharpen Weapon Giant Sword
Cost Gold 400 Mana 250 Population Cost 3

Relations with Other Nations Edit

Swordwrath Edit

The Great Swordwrath see their Swordwrath brothers as weaklings, scrawny, unarmored, weaklings. They see them as shame to the Swordwrath Nations.

Shadowrath Edit

The Shadowrath are great allies in battle to the Great Swordwrath. Admired by the Great Swordwrath for their sharpen skill sin Shinobi skills, they're admired as well by their strong skills.

Speartons Edit

The Speartons are just as noble and loyal as the Great Swordwrath are to their own nations. Each show respect to one another on the battlefield, whether friend, or foe

Kunoichi Edit

Read Shadowrath

Unique Kills Edit

Swordwrath Edit

Unique Kill 1 Edit

The Great Swordwrath puts down his sword and takes the Swordwrath's sword. Then the Great Swordwrath grabs and repeatedly stabs the Swordwrath with its own sword, then sticking it in it's head and dropping the Swordwrath, and picks up it's Giant Sword

Unique Kill 2- Edit

The Great Swordwrath cuts the Swordwrath's Sword pointy tip off. Then chops the Swordwrath into two

Spearton Edit

Unique Kill- Edit

The great Swordwrath knocks the Spearton's shield into the air and grabs it. The Spearton charges to attack with its Spear, but the Great Swordwrath throws the shield and it cuts off the Spearton's head.

Juggerknight Edit

Unique Kill- Edit

The Great Swordwrath blocks the Juggerknights ax with its sword, which causes the Juggerknight to lose its ax. The Great Swordwrath then removes it and slices the Juggerknight's head off.

Trivia Edit

Great Swordwrath can also be called as "Greatwrath" as a combination of their Great Swords and in the Swordwrath Nation.

Every 3 Shots an Eclispor or Albowtross a Great Swordwrath takes, it will deflect the 3rd shot every time.

Great Swordwrath level: Grand Generals: Great Swordwraths Declare War