Gold Membership

Details of Gold Membership as they appear in-game.

Gold (Chaos) membership is an optional bonus to the Stick Empires game that can be purchased for 3.99 USD a month. Once it is purchased, the player is granted the Chaos Empire, 1000  Empire coins instantly, another 300 coins for every month they are a gold member, and duel animations. The money goes to the developers to support them. Purchases are made through Paypal.


Chaos EmpireEdit

The first (and main) benifet of the gold membership is the Chaos Empire. Once purchased, the player is granted a second empire to battle with (if not, the Chaos empire is locked and a message asking for the player to get membership will appear if they try to click on it). Although Chaos tends to intimidate unexperienced new players, the empire itself is mainly used to diversify the player's fighting style, and has no guarentee on victory. Chaos is more of an offensive playstyle however, which can defeat unprepared Order players.

Empire CoinsEdit

Upon the initial purchase, 1000 empire coins are automatically given to the player. Later, as each month passes, the player will also recieve an additional 300 coins to unlock more armory equipment.

Duel Battle AnimationsEdit

Duel battle animations is just a fancier way to say killing with style. Any player without membership can only experience one sort of death when their units kill another or die. However, dual death animations unlock more interesting death sequences (e.g Juggerknights slamming swordwrath into the ground).

Duel Battle Animations also render the unit performing them invincible while the animation plays, but wastes precious time as a consequence. Also, these animations will play for the other player and during the online IF the player is facing a gold member and Stick Wars 2 game regardless of the player's status.


  • Unlike other sites, there's less prejeduce against members, since members often suck when they first use Chaos and they still have to rely on skill. Plus, there are less members in general.
  • For the first month, gold membership is better than buying coins, so if you want the best one-time deal for coins, get gold membership for a month. You also get Chaos and Elemental to use in battle.

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