This page will list the basic, commonly used attack strategies used by players both new, noobish, and proffesional. Only actual strategies will be used; anything that involves hacking, lagging, or anything similar will not be listed.


Rushing is the process of repeatedly attacking an enemy with a stream of units. For example. let's say you start a match by immediately training three swordwraths and sending them to attack. While they're attacking, you train another small squad and send them to attack. This process, if repeated, is considered rushing. Early on, if the enemy has decided to spend their money on miners instead of proper defenses, rushing will quickly destroy the miners or, if the opponent garrisons the miners, can permanently halt production. While this is completely acceptable if you're fighting a masser, please refrain from using it against new players since they don't really understand the game. Still, if you find yourself being rushed, here are some ways to stop it:

  1. Castle Archers (less effective against armored units and can be dodged)
  2. Miner Walls (Only good if supplemented with ranged units and don't hold very long against large numbers of enemies)
  3. Miner Towers (Do not hinder enemies in terms of movement)


A strategy generally frowned upon by the community, massing simply involves training a massive attack force of only one type of unit (hence the term, "massing"). Usually, massers favor strong units like Giants, Speartons, and Juggerknights, though other units may also be massed. Usally spearton masses attack the statue right away, while giant masses go for brute force and destroy there army first. For masses, you will need lots of miners and castle archers. It is a good idea to hide your army so the opponent will be suprised of the mass and not perpared to counter it. Recently, shadowrath massing is becoming popular.

Swordwrath mass>giant>shadowrath>magikill>spearton>archer>swordwrath<magikill

Turtling Edit

This is basically defending for a long time, while creating your army.

Usually utilizes ranged units, and miner walls.

This. Is. Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit

this is basically just spamming spearton units.

requires lots of miners indeed.

Exchanging Units Edit

this doesn't require any experience of playing or tricks whatsoever.

basically if one unit is very low on health, buy another unit same as the unit low on health, then garrison the low health unit, and make the new trained unit attack while the low health unit is safely regenerating health in the castle.


if the low health unit is fully regenerated, you can make the low health unit go for backup,

fight with the other units, or keep exchanging the units one by one.

it requires patience and wisdom also.


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