Gate is a map in SE.


The area is covered with sand with a few dead trees. One can see a poll of lava befind which lies Medusa's Castle.

Length Medium


FlyingMaster Stick Empires and Stick War Legacy strategyEdit

The map is long, but not long enough. It best to send 1 Swordwrath and 2 miners, it'll give you good economy and let you scout the enemy. Remember, you Can be rushed on this map.

MrIronGolem27's strategy

This stage is long enough for players to try to build up their economy. First things first, buy an Archidon/Dead/Lightning Elemental after the round starts to try to improve your defense and economy. If your enemy sends Archidons, your ranged defense tower unit will kill them off, and their is not good enough to get you from the center tower. However, do try to rush to the center and supress their economy fast, as they will try to be doing the same.