A game where both players agree to only attack at a certain time. Neither player is allowed to spy, attack prematurely, or take the middle tower.


It allows both players to amass ressources quickly without fear of rushers. The game is usually slightly longer but more fun as both players can create a proper army. 


Winning friendly matches require a good economy and favour players who invest quickly in miners and passive income (as well as the nonexistence of backstabbers/ rushers).

Additionnally, it requires controlling sometimes greater armies and/or the more expensive units.


The term "friendly game" is misleading and "truce" would be more exact. Inexperienced players when proposed a friendly match" tend to believe that the favoured player is giving them a headstart and believe they have been tricked upon realising this is not the case. 

Players have been known to rage over similar misunderstandngs, with sometimes disastrous consequences.

The truce only lasts so long as both players respect it. One attack is enough to destroy it, and again inexperienced players do not look after their units, who attack automatically. 


  • Some players allow scouting with swordwrath only.
  • When one player has taken the middle tower and has a significant advantage, that player tends to accept the truce only if they can keep the tower (using spawn or not).

Differences with DeathmatchEdit

  • As of yet, the deathmatch is only available with friends and doesn't count towards a rating.
  • Economy is more important.
  • You can still get mother****ing rushers on a deathmatch!!

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