The First Arivo-Asetic War, or Tfe Virdashka mfes Aseplyati vartis in Arivilian, was the climax of preceding tension between the Administrators of Stick Empires, AsePlayer in particular, and the members of the 'Veyostanis Vashtilis' anti-governmental Clan. It is considered to be one of the bloodiest quarrels of Inamorta, with 972,160 casualties.

Flag The DPY Insurgents Military Contribution Flag The Governors Military Contribuion
Veyostanis Vashtilis 2,740,000 The SE Administrators 4,530,000
Anonymisar 1,300,000 Crazyjayland 17,203
Eastern Dark Kingdom 582,430 Ashtopolicia 5000~
The Inamortan Justice-League 430,021 Dominant Empire unknown
TISIS 210,861 Team Zenith 1304
The Inamorto-Mexican Gang 16,425 The Dark Kingdom Below 750
Tasdirsha Union 8100

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