Grass Hills


A grassy area with hills lonely trees and and occasionly cottages the skys are blue and cloudy

Length Very Long


It depends how long is the map or field.

For example,

In short maps, a rusher takes advantage to it so make a castle archer in the start. Also make a castle archer in long maps. Massers or those who are giant spammers take advantage to it so assasinate miners in the start.

MrIronGolem27's strategy Edit

Bust out a miner, another miner/ranged invincible defense unit, and/or a melee unit. Try to build up your economy, as this is to your advantage on long maps. That Archidon/Dead/Lightning Elemental will help you get a lot of money, but don't make too many miners or else they will hinder you later in the game by population and being units that cannot adequately defend themselves. If possible, get a Albowtross/Eclipsor/Lightning Elemental and attack any loose miners on the enemy side.

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