This is the fan-made empire of the steampunks.

This is not a real empire, as it is fan made.

dmg means damage.



" a stereotypical miner."

cost: 150 gold

hp : as much as a miner.

dmg: as much as a miner.


"a vain yet deadly aristocrat that chose to fight.

Hp: about as powerful as a miner.

damage: powerful as an archidon

cost: 100 gold 

Very cheap, but powerful


"wields a terrifying medieval rifle that can wipe through scores of enemies, but he is fragile."

hp: half a bar

dmg: 1 3/4 bar

cost 290 gold


"the weaker duelists now begin to invent tiny, war clockworks."

hp: 3 bars

Dmg:1/4 bar.

SUMMONS MINIONS. minions have 1 bar of ho and deal 1 bar of dmg. Can have 5 minions in total.

cost:400 20 mana


"feeble residents have a chance to become unstoppable titans.

hp:5 bars.

dmg: 3 3/4 bar.

cost: 1000 gold, 10 mana


"he wants to overthrow the goverment. He feels strong. He wants to help YOU."

hp:3 bars

dmg: 2 1/2 bars

cost: 800 gold, 100 mana.

siege balloon

"these are graduates of h. p. balooney's academy. They shoot large harpoons."

hp:7 bars!!!!

dmg:4 bars.

cost: 2500, 50 mana


"he loves to soak up all the damage. Takes offense if you say sponge."

hp:10 bars!!!

dmg nothing...

cost: 250 gold


"the enemy will be overwhelmed by these guys."

hp:2 bars

dmg 1 bar

cost: 75 gold


"this lovely song puts enemies to sleep and makes the fellow allies fight harder."

hp:3 bars

dmg: 1/4 bar

cost:100 gold, 20 mana

Stuns enemies for 5 seconds and buffs allies.

recharges this power every 30 seconds.

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