"Me Big Rock Throw" Enslaved Giants from Stick War 2 and Stick Empires (game)

The Enslaved Giants are a race of Gargantuan Proportions living in No Man's Land. The Giants were once men under the control of Medusa, but some were captured by the Order Army, and trained from using Clubs into throwing Rocks.


Enslaved Giant Art

History Edit

The Giants are a native race that were captured when Medusa invaded No Man's Land. Medusa's Chaos Army were once constantly defeated but eventually won.

Order, attempting to gain more ground, had decided to move to No Man’s Land. A giant (presumably one of Medusa’s Giants or a Giant attempting to escape from Medusa’s control) walked into Order’s base and attacked. The Giant was soon defeated, and was enslaved to serve Order’s command.

Stats Edit

Name Enslaved Giant Faction Order Empire
Attack High Damage (Armor Piercing) Health 9 bars (Increases with Giant Growth I&II)
Role Heavy Ranged/Tank Abilities Giant Growth I and Giant Growth II

Role Edit

The Enslaved Giant's role is to tank damage from weak projectiles or protect weak units such as Magikill from ailments (poison, burn, etc.). Enslaved Giants are capable of stunning single enemies with the armor-piercing boulders they throw, making them a situational attacker as well. TL;DR, The Giant is a Ranged unit with heavy health and attack, able to stun on hit.

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