After the death of Medusa and the peace of the elementals,all was peaceful.Before the Masters of Evil decided to set things in motion.The Marrowkai known as Kig-Yah suggested the Titan empire.A race of giants that has transcended the laws of nature.Ruled by Kronos,king of the titans.He sends his titans and wrecks havoc across Inamorta. In the battle of the frozen peaks,Atlas(Spearton replacement) catches V off guard and pulls him in 2 with his 4 arms.With that the elementals disappear off the face of the earth.Order places its last stand at west wind.With shear size and numbers,Kronos and his army of titans and cultists crash down upon Order.The leader of order was unfortunately crushed by his own statue.From there the titans went back into hibernation waiting for the next call to war.


Firas-Mage character:Meteors and Molten fists of lava

Atlas-Spearton character-4 arms,ground smash and boulder throw

Gaia-Meric character:Heals,Runic regeneration

Heretic-Miner unit

Cultist-Swordwrath unit:Demonic religion

Preacher-Archidon unit:Fire arrows

Dragonis-Eclipsor unit:Fire arrows

Shadonis-Shadowrath unit:Poison knives

Kronos-Giant unit:Meteors and Earth clones

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