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Stick Empire Clan Empire's Throne Intro00:09

Stick Empire Clan Empire's Throne Intro

Empire's Throne is a top Stick Empires clan, engineering the most advanced and skillfull players there are. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Throne's Youtube:

Throne's Webpage:


Leaders: CuriousturtleMasteraik, Birdman

Elder: UnstoppableForce, THatoneGamer, Blizzard

Elite: YeahIwin, reshykerng, Ordwiz, Azxc

Advance: CubiroSpartanOtaku, syh135

Members: HattoriHakuya,  Kakarot1999, RealOzRedskys,  Lizard1, Subwoofer, tobster671, Xanderman222222


Throne hosted the "Best Order Player Tournement," a 20 man swiss involving the top 4 clans and the SE community. Unfortunately, it was canceled.

They have also hosted many internal tournaments such as Battle For The Throne, King of the Throne and many more.

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Host of Best Order Tournament

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