Earth is a unit of the Elemental Empire. It can stunlock single targets if enough of this elemental are hitting it. Massing them is easy do to their cheapness and quick build time. They can pluck off lone rushing Speartons, without a water elemental freezing it.


Rocks inside a glass looking head. It is like a Swordwrath from Order and a Crawler from Chaos. He also can turn into a miner.

Usage Edit

The Earth Elemental is the only way to obtain a Chompler in the game. They are the cheapest, so it can be a good idea to mass these early. Rushing is possible with these units, plus their stun ability makes units trained by the opponent to be knocked out.
Earth miner transform

upon a earth miner collecting gold beneath an earth elemental tranforming

Weaknesses Edit

They're attack power is medium slow, making a single one immune to many attacks or units at a time. It also cannot deal with flying units, since it has no ranged attack. It is a good idea to use a greater amount of units when battling a few of these.

  • Earth miner

    two earth chomplers


+Fire +Water +Air +Water
=Charrog =Treature =Blind Gate +Air


Stat Info
Health 2 bars
Attack Power Low w/ stun
Attack Rate 1 shot on 2 secs.
Attack Type Melee
Speed Moderate
Traning Cost

150 gold

0 mana

Traning Time 4 secs.

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