If you have Gold Membership or are playing the offline version, Stick War 2 and Stick Empires have duel animations, which are special kill animations. Units are invulnerable while enacting this animation. Currently there is no way to toggle these animations.



Head Stab

A Swordwrath stabbed through the head

  • Stab

    A Crawler, recently stabbed by a Spearton

    The Spearton stabs the Crawler with his spear when the Crawler jumps. He then proceeds to stomp the Crawler unto the ground from his spear.
  • The Spearton jumps up and stabs the Juggerknight through the helm.
  • The Spearton stabs the Swordwrath through the head with his spear.
Jump spearton

A ghost Spearton going for the kill on a Juggerknight



  • The Juggerknight Splits open the Swordwrath's head and throws him away
    Dark Knight-Swordwrath Finisher

    A Swordwrath decimated by a Juggerknight

  • Capture

    A Swordwrath's stab being reversed

    The Juggerknight reverses a Swordwrath's stab attack