This is the list of all death animations .This contains all the deaths that can happen to a unit or the Unit does. (Some might repeat.)

Order Units Edit

Spearton Edit

  • The Spearton stabs the Swordwrath and then lifts it and throws it on the ground.
    Spearotov dead

    Dead Spearton

  • It stabs the Crawler and then kicks it to kill it.
  • The Spearton and Juggerknight collide and push each other. The Spearton jumps and pierces the Knight's neck with its spear.
  • When killed he falls forward, his helmet flying off.

Miner Edit

  • When killed it falls forward, almost kneeling, onto the ground.
    Spear mersciless

    Spearton killing Swordwrath. Note: How the Spearton looks at the Swordwrath as if in apology

Archidon Edit

Archidon Shoulder

Archidon dying

  • When killed will fall while holding his neck
  • Enemies killed by a fire arrow will die on fire

Albowtross Edit

  • When killed its wings malfunction and it drops from the sky, hitting the ground with a splatter of blood.
  • Swordwraths die of headshots
  • Enemies killed by a blazing bolt die while on fire

Magikill Edit

  • When killed, it will distintegrate and its hat will fall to the ground.
  • Crawlers, Dark Knights, Swordwrath, and Speartons will die in a fire if explosion is used.

Meric Edit

  • Robes, body, and staff will disperse, leaving nothing behind.

Enslaved Giant Edit

  • Falls on the ground

Chaos Units Edit

Crawler Edit

  • Can get stabbed by Spearton when jumping.
  • Will fall forward when killed.

Bomber Edit

  • They explode, brutally leaving nothing behind but a splatter of blood.
  • Units killed by Bombers will die on fire.

Juggerknight Edit

  • JuggKillingSword

    A Juggerknight throwing its axe into the head of a Swordwrath, the first part of its kill animation

  • Can throw its axe at a Swordwrath, pick it up, twirl the Swordwrath above its head, then slam it to the ground.
  • Can stab a Swordwrath with the Swordwrath's own sword.
  • Falls forward and helmet flies off, just like the Spearton
  • Spearton clashes his spear against Juggerknight's shield, they both stumble back, then Spearton jumps and stabs the Juggerknight's thoat, and slam him on the ground.
    Screenshot (4)

    A Juggerknight stabbing a Swordwrath with its own sword

Giant Edit

  • Falls to the ground when health is depleted.

Eclipsor Edit

  • When killed it poofs into clouds of fiery smoke.

Marrowkai Edit

  • When killed its bones will fall apart.

Medusa Edit

  • Vanishes in a puff of green and black smoke when killed.
  • When it kills other unit (not giants) they turn to stone.

Dead Edit

  • Head falls off, causing the flesh and skin to melt off it's bones. Once this is done, the remaining skeleton will collapse.