A flying melee unit with the ability to attack units and throw powerful stunning projectiles. This unit can formed by combining water and air elementals. It is the only unit that cannot attack ground troops with its standard attacks, as it has no limbs to navigate on land.

Tactics: Cycloids are a very underappreciated unit in the Elemental Empire, mainly because of their inability to attack ground troops with their standard attack (it can still attack the enemy statue and Giants). However, when it sees an air troop, it uses its high health and fast attack and movement speed to its advantage and maul the opposing air troop(s). It can also help out its own ground troops using the Protect ability. Protect is a great way to protect delicate glass cannons such as Airburns (Infernos as they are called in-game), and to give low health tanks extra life. You can also use it on the Cycloid itself if the opponent has lots of air troops, such as hordes of Eclipsors, especially in the mid game phase. Cyclone is the only way Cycloid can hit (most) ground troops. He shoots a cyclone downward, stunning any nearby units, canceling Juggerknight's Charge, stopping Merics from healing and Bombers from exploding temporarily. When using Cycloid, take out all ranged ground troops as soon as possible, especially Deads and Fire Elementals. Their status effects can continue to damage the Cycloid, and are also able to penetrate through Protect. A good idea is to distract these ranged units with Charrogs, then use Air or Fire Elementals to take them out.


Cycloid is brilliant vs Flying Crossbowmen

More Info
1. Cycloid tornadoes can lift up units causing them to be stunned
2. It's expensive, don't waste on it.

Cycloid Stats


Health 6 bars
Power Low, high speed
Speed  High
Attack type Melee
Unit type