Early clubwrath

An early clubwrath.

Clubwraths were an early race of Inamorta whom, as their name suggests, were the "inventors" and first users of the club. Although these people survived longer than their Tribal neighbors, they ultimantley met their demise to the mighty Order Empire in a desparate, last-ditch attempt at a siege.


Clubwraths resemble their Swordwrath descendents in both fighting style and strategy. However, unlike them, the Clubwraths never evolved beyond the way of the club, leaving them with laughable power in comparison to the other, more developed nations at the time.

Chosen WeaponEdit

The Clubwraths, living in the early ages of Inamorta alongside the vicious giants, had to 


an early club.

come up with a way to defeat and defend against the bloodthirsty beings that roamed the lands. As a result, they, inspired by the Giant's tendency to rip trees out of the ground and swing them around as weapons, created the first clubs by sculpting wood into bludgeons. This allowed their meek society to survive throughout the ages, eventually creating the overwhelm strategy and giving birth to the first Swordwraths.


During the last stages of the Conquering, the Clubwraths became the last native nation left in Inamorta. With the Tribal Spearmen dead and the other nations immersed in a nonstop effort to prepare for a final assault against the budding Order Empire, this nation decided to take advantage of the mayh em. Waiting until Order fought a massive, tiring battle, they released their captive giant and laid siege to Order's Army, confident that the giant would be enough to cripple Order enough for them to raid. Unfortunately, the combined might of Order's unity destroyed their monster, forcing them to attack. With only primitive wooden clubs to combat the battle-tempered weapons of Order, the Clubwraths fell. Having neglected to build a statue, their might dwindled, leaving the nation a bare shadow of what it once was. Eventually, they died off from starvation, suicide, diesease, and other Nations.

The Last ClubwrathsEdit

Modern club

A modern club.

Though the clubwrath species died off, you can, using empire coins, buy a club for swordwrath in the armory. The clubwrath legacy lives on!

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