Lava elemental

lava elemental attacking

The Charrog is a heavy armored ground infantry unit with the ability to burrow and burn.It is formed by combining Earth and Fire Elementals.
More Info
1. The charrog is a tank and ground melee unit very vulnerable to albowtross with blazing bolts so make sure you mix it with ranged units.
2. The Charrog fire coating ability will cause high burn damage to nearby opposing units. This would be helpful if you use it against tough units
3. The burrow ability will make the charrog invisible on the map but the health bar and shadow can still be seen. It is also not forever so make quick use of it for scouting the opponent's base

Unburrowing this unit will quake the nearby opposing units causing them to leap on the air and be stunned for a short time you can use this while battling(you can unburrow while he is still digging)

5.  The Tower Spawn 2 will be a Giant Charrog

Stats Info
Health 9 bars
Attack Power Quite High
Burn damage Moderate w/ burn
Unburrow jump damage Moderate w/ stun
Speed Moderate
Attack type Melee
Unit type



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