This is a type of match and practice that most unwise people would not use. This is good practice with helping those strugglers out there.

Custom MatchEdit

This is one of the newest updates of stick empires. Custom match allows you to create a battle and invite a friend into your lobby. You can also battle against the AI, which, in my opinion, is much harder than the insane difficulty on the campaign. You can choose between a classic game, an original game, or a fun game of deathmatch. You start with 3000 gold, and 2000 mana! Imagine what you can do in the opening. Not only that, you also start with 6 miners. Dont forget to look in the gaming tips because you will feel vulnerable but the enemy will also be. Custom deathmatch is not ranked. Deathmatch is however. Kings and queens are accompony with your castle archidons. You can use exp(earned by every battle and lost like rating.) to buy spells. 2 spells at the maximum may only be used per game. Custom match is recommended by 0rderEmpire to more weak players as good practice. Obviously start with battling the AI. Overall custom match is basically what the name says. A custom maade match against the AI or a friend.

The AI and your friendEdit

The AI (not the player AI :P) is the computer that is trained against you. Basically that means it uses the same strategy for every game. So once you beat all of the AI difficulties, you should move on to playing your friends. So what Im saying is that the AI is good practice for only a short time and that custom match is a extremely good area for practice.

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