A Swordwrath that defends the Catapult

Intro Edit

The Catapult is a long ranged rock thrower for Archidon Territory. A single Miner would control the Catapult to fire, but the Catapult cannot fire up in close range. Therefore, a Swordwrath that has half the Health as the Catapult will always be near it to defend it.

Stats Edit

Health 4 Bars (6 Bars with Iron Arms Faction Sagittarius EmpireArchidon Nation
Swordwrath Defender


2 Bars (3 Bars with Iron Arms) Weapon Physics and Rocks/Sword
Attack High, but cannot fire in close range. Swordwrath Defender Attack Moderate (Same as regular Swordwrath
Cost Gold 850 (700 on Stick Empires) Mana 0 Population Cost 5

Trivia Edit

Catapult Level- Sticks and Stones: Archidons Declare War

The Catapult will continue to attack even if its Swordwrath Guard is defeated, but the Swordwrath Guard will defect if the Catapult is destroyed first.

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