Castle dead

Like Castle Archidons, castle deads are for defense. Unlike the archers without abilities, castle deads automatically have poison guts. Castle Deads are not as effective as Castle archers, for their guts deal only a small amount of damage (however, this is balanced by their poison).


Castle deads are cheap, but the more you build, the more expensive each dead costs. They are Deads for defense, but they do not cost mana. It is odd that Castle Deads cost no mana and can automatically poison, but deads cost mana and need an additional upgrade and extra mana to poison.

Original CostsEdit

Castle Dead 1: 300 gold

Castle Dead 2: 400 gold

Castle Dead 3: 500 gold.

New CostsEdit

Players began spamming castle archers. In the castle archer/dead patch, costs for Castle archer/dead 2 and  cost more gold. This limited Castle Archer massers, who then became giant or spearton massers.

Castle Dead 1: 300 gold

Castle Dead 2: 600 gold

Castle Dead 3: 1000 gold

Research timeEdit

Castle Dead 1: 10 sec.

Castle Dead 2: 17 sec.

Castle Dead 3: 23 sec.

The training time of castle deads have not changed in the Castle defense unit patch, but the costs have.


  • Castle Deads are not recommended against swordwrath rushers. The soft fleshy guts would take too long to kill the swordwrath.
  • To survive rushers, Chaos must pay more costs. Order only needs 300 gold for a castle archer, but Chaos must have 400 gold and 150 mana to buy an Eclipsor.