Castle Archers

A group of 3 Castle Archers

Castle Archidons (also called castle archers) are defensive archers atop your castle walls. They are built to a maximum of three. Castle Archers never die, unlike the Archidons, because they are out of reach from the enemy. Their arrows deal more damage than an Archidon as well as splash damage. Unlike Archidons, castle archers can not flaming arrows.


Castle archers are cheap, but each level is more expensive than the last. They are simple units like the Archidons and do not cost mana.


Castle Archer 1: 300 gold

Castle Archer 2: 600 gold

Castle Archer 3: 1000 gold

Research TimeEdit

Castle archers are quickly researched, to provide better defense. Again, the more castle archers are built, the longer it takes for each archer.

Castle Archer 1: 10 sec.

Castle Archer 2: 17 sec.

Castle Archer 3: 23 sec.

The training time of castle archers and deads have not changed in the Castle defense unit patch, but the costs have.


  • Castle archers are the best defense against rushers in the early game, but later on, a huge army is unstoppable for castle archers.
  • Castle archers may be a good choice against swordwrath massers, though it is easier to deal with with them by using Albowtross with blazing bolts or Eclipsors.
  • Castle Archers and castle deads Castle Deads are the only units that can't be killed.