Make a bunch of archers and hit n' run the enemy like a pro.Also reinforce them with speartons


The Land like the Terrace of a Castle. It is lined with Bricks. In the Background one can see

Length Very Short

Role in the CampaignEdit

This map appears in the last level Medusa's Castle. 


simsim40's StrategyEdit

If you are a rusher built 1 Shadowrath and destroy the enemy.

0rderEmpire's StratEdit

When in maps like these I don't suggest simsim40's strat, but I highly recommend an archer to be built at first. This is because if the map is short, archers can reach from the center pillar to the enemy base and attack from there. -0rderEmpire-

Sagiratus's StrategyEdit

Build an archidon and a swordwrath. This allows for easy maneuver and a quick power advantage, and is very quick to train. You can also rush the opponent and bring him down economically, and speed ahead your own.

Zalanums anti rushingEdit

build a castle archer and a miner you are now ahead in enconomy the castle archer can kill any early archidons and swordwrath if a spearton attacks have your miners fight back don't let it escape.


Its almost impossiable to do anything here the map is to short if the enemy rush you will lose. someones spelling sucks

Levites30's Strategy

after building some archers train 5 spertons (if you can) then be ready to attack with the other strategies and dont attack with lesser units

Funny132's Strategy Edit

This map is not a large map, therefore it takes slow units less time to get to the enemy's statue

Steps 1 2 3
What to do Get your economy well and good Get giant growth 1 and 2 spam giants!
Tips Train a few swordwraths and get castle archer too Get a giant here too once you have 2 giants, attack with your swordwraths

Basically, 10 miners (2 for mana), a few swordwrath, and a bunch of giants. Chaos's substitute is the same, but use castle deads instead of castle archers and get crawlers instead of Swordwrath (get twice as many as you would swordwraths). Elemental Empire has no substitute that I know of. sorry about that (Impatient people can rush the statue, destroying miner walls along the way)