Bombers are kamakazi fighters of chaos who will detonate upon impact with an opposing unit or can be activated manually. They cost 75 gold and take 8 seconds to train, and each take up 1 population in your 80 pop army.
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As mentioned above, Bombers are detonating enemies who explode either upon contact with an opposing enemy or can be activated manually by the player.


Basic Explanation

Bombers deal fixed AOE (area of effect) damage that causes damage to any unit within the bomber's blast radius. However, the explosion is ineffective against any unit with armor (similar to the archers), so it's better to take out crawlers, archidons, and other low-health units with bombers. In some cases, large numbers of bombers can be used to instant kill spearton rushers who group together at the statue.


Menace Bomber

Note the menacing smile suggesting maddness

Campaign Mode Bombers appear in the stage following No Man's Land and Medusa's evil rant alongside with evil giants. Because of how cheaply they are trained, they are very quick to attack and difficult to defeat. Unlike most enemies, bombers don't flee if outnumberd. Instead, they tend to directly attack the first visible unit and only flee if the odds are drastically against them. Although one can use an Archidon line to try and take them out, this is difficult, since bombers run faster than any unit can attack and still deal explosion damage even when they are killed. It is strongly recommended to put a wall.A mix of range and armoured units are key to wining the battle.


  • Bombers are smaller than any of the other units, and are relatively similar in height to crawlers (if the crawlers were standing upright).
  • Bombers are one of the fastest units in Inamorta (second only to crawlers with predatory edge and Shadowrath) and are great at chasing fleeing archers.
  • It is interesting to note that Bombers are incapable of tossing their bombs at enemies while they should be capable of the feat.
  • A ranged bomber would be more useful than the current version.