Banks serve as the primary economical buildings of Order, and also serve as one of Order's three different defensive building types, the other two being the Temple and the Archery Range. It can be located in any of Order's castles, as well as in many other territories that Order controls. Here, many different economical and defensive upgrades can be purchased.


The Bank serves as a defensive and economical building. Here, Miners can be purchased / trained, and many other upgrades can be researched. These many upgrades are Miner Hustle, Passive Income 1, 2 and 3, Tower Spawn 1 and 2, and Miner Wall.

Miner Hustle allows all Miners to have permanently increased speed and health, allowing them to garrison quickly if ever there is a battle, to fight if ever Order is in lack of men, to be able to withstand blows if an enemy is attacking them, and to mine gold faster by being able to go to back to the Castle faster. Contrary to popular belief, however, Miner Hustle does not make Miners mine more gold with each visit, nor pray faster thus giving more mana.

Passive Income implies a small tax on Inamorta's people if ever necessary, to provide more gold and mana to Order's armies. Passive Income 1 gives five gold and five mana every five seconds, while Passive Income 2 gives ten gold and mana every five seconds. Passive Income 3 allows twenty gold and mana every five seconds. This ability allows Order to be able to rise again if all their Miners perish. It also allows a source of back-up money if Order is low on funds.

Tower Spawn 1 and 2 allows an uncontrollabe, ghostly unit to spawn from the central tower (if fully charged for the player) at no extra cost or population. At level one, the unit is a spearton which automatically tries to attack the enemy but cannot use any of a Spearton's abilities. At level 2, an enslaved giant is spawned. Though uncontrollabe, the giant CAN recieve upgrades.



  • Trained Miners actually spawn in front of your Castle doors, immediately, despite their training beind held in the Bank.
  • This is likely for time miners are slow and the game would be draged on if they had to move from the bank to the front.