Art of an Archidon taking aim.


"They will fall before they get a chance to stand!"


The Archidons are ranged units. With low health and light damage, they are best when in large groups with some kind of protection in front of them such as Speartons as damage sponges with the ability Shield Wall and Shield Bash combined to fend off other melee attackers. Their ranged attack plays as an advantage when playing. They can use their ability Fire Arrows to draw out defensive players that hide behind their Miner Walls to break them down. Against armored units their damage output is lowered



Stat Description Stat Description
Archidon Pic

An in-game Archidon.

Faction Order
Location Land Role

Ranged Support


One Bar

Speed Moderate (Statue to Second Gold row in 6 seconds)
Attack Power

~1/3 of One bar

Attack Rate 4 seconds per arrow.
Gold Cost 300 (350 in Campaign) Mana Cost 0
Training Time 15 seconds Population 2
Training Location Archery Range Weapons Bow

Chosen WeaponEdit


Concept art for the Archidon.

Archidons have studied the Way of the Bow, a weapon used by one other race (Eclipsor)

The bow used by the Archidonis is one of the simplest designs, having a simple curve. Concept art had Archidonis using recurve bows however.

Intro Archidon

An Archidon preaching.


The Archidonis had land neighbouring Order. During the Conquering, Order launched an attack at night and took over Archidonis lands.

During the Rebellion, Archidonis were quickly defeated by Order using technology gained from conquering Spearton lands a second time. 
Archidon Territory

Archidon Territory as it appeared during the Conquering. This also displays their statue.

New arhchion statue

The new Archidon statue.


The Archidonis' primary weakness is their low health, this makes them extremely vulnerable to almost any spell.

Arrows also do very low damage (unless using Fire Arrows) to armour, which is a major disadvantage against rushing Speartons or Juggerknights. 


Archidon Fire Arrows

Archidon Fire Damage

Crawlers damaged by Archidon fire arrows.

Main article: Fire Arrows

Fire arrows - Fire arrows have longer range than ordinary arrows and deal double the damage of a regular arrow (need invest). When hit by a Fire Arrow it will also set itself on fire and if they die from the effect there will be a death animation with the body burning.


The Archidons live in the forests of Inamorta, in treehouses.

Puchasable ItemsEdit

Cost Description Pictures Preview


Cost Description Preview
Default Standard quiver

Nothing special

75 A shiny, green quiver
100 Silver quiver
125 Native archer quiver
150 Nature Quiver
150 Ice Quiver

Archer Tricks(Kiting and Chasing):Edit

Kiting Examples(In Game):Edit

Kiting Example1

Kiting Example1

Kiting Example 2

Kiting Example 2


  • The Archidonis wield composite bows, while their flight-related cousins--the Albowtross--wield Crossbows.
  • In Stick War 1, Archidonis Could instantly kill almost any unit with a headshot. This was removed in Stick War 2 for obvious balancing reasons