A powerful caster with the ability to summon a mighty dragon called "Vastolis"and call down a rain of fire. Infernos have a ranged attack and 2 abilities. Summoning Vasolis deals major damage, as well as stun to units hit by the attack. His meteor shower ability does a more lasting damage to the area and damage units affected. This attack can be upgraded to have flaming meteorites after the attack.
Airburn Unit



The Inferno is formed by a combination of a fire elemental and an air elemental

Tactic Edit

You can group together multiple Infernos as well as some melee units. You can then continuously cast meteor and Vastolis, quickly destroying the enemy. Do note that Vastolis, despite the fact he doesn't jump that high, can hit air troops, so use that to your advantage to take out hordes of Albowtross and Eclipsors and even just stun opposing Cycloid for quite some time. If you're lucky, or have a lot of skill, you can get Vastolis to hit hordes of Bombers or Crawlers, but due to the slow cast time and the amount of time Vastolis takes to come out, it is very difficult to do. It also one-shots Archidon, and with the large radius, no glass cannon will be safe! Meteor Strike is a good, compact ability once you get it. It deals decent damage, and burns as well. You can use this spell to burn glass cannons for quite some time, dealing significant damage to Archidon, but not one-shotting them. NEVER use Meteor Strike against units with armor, as it will do almost nothing to them.

Counters: Armored units directly counter the Airburn, especially Deads, Juggerknights, and Speartons. Even hordes of Swordwrath or just one Spearton combined with Magikill's Electric Gate can kill your Airburns when you're not careful. Take out all armored units as soon as possible, as they are capable of withstanding his spells, leaving the Airburn to do damage to the weaker, less armored units. Shadowrath and Medusa also hard counter the Airburn, thanks to Shinobi and Petrify. If you see one of these units, do NOT spam Airburns, as they can kill them off one by one and dodge their spells. Medusa also has the option of poisoning them all with Venom Flux, and if you are attacking or getting attacked, you're going to be in trouble quick! If possible, buy a V so you can Posess any threats to the Airburn.


  • Inferno unit was the first combined unit ever revealed. The back half of its body looks similar to that of a Cycloid.
Inferno Stats Info
Health 4 bars
Attack Power Very low
Vastolis attack power High
Fire Rain attack power Moderate(High with burn damage after upgrade)
Speed  Low
Attack type None
Unit type

Heavy Spellcaster

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